Why You Need an Electric Scooter for your Commute

Why You Need an Electric Scooter for your Commute

Commutes can often be stressful. Traffic, construction zones, gas prices and repair costs are just a few of the issues one can run into while driving a car into work. This is where GOTRAX comes in to save the day. Today we will discuss just a handful of the reasons why it is a necessity to have an electric scooter for your commuting needs. 

Electric Scooters Save You Money

The national average cost for gas in Canada is just over $2.00 CAD per Litre ranking ranks 68th out of 168 countries ranked for their cost in gas. On the other hand electric costs are only $0.179 per kWh with e-scooter batteries taking 4-5 hours to charge with only higher capacity models paying 45 cents to fully charge your e-scooter. You can get multiple charges out of your electric scooter before you even pay for a litre of gas. That is just the gas, we haven't mentioned repair costs, parking prices and the other constant costs that afflict car drives. Utilize those savings to take a vacation, purchase some accessories for your e-scooter, or put the money towards bills. 

Avoid Traffic and Save Time

Avoid the parking lots and roads that end up turning into parking lots when everyone is going to work or back home. Instead, utilize the sidewalks, bike lanes and public transportation for your commute. Not only are you helping yourself you are helping the environment. 1 litre of gasoline produces 2.31kg of carbon dioxide. Canada consumes over a 100 million litres of gas a day, each day you commute with your e-scooter can bring that number down. Furthermore, please be sure to check your local laws and ordinances when it comes to personal electric vehicles. 

You Can Save on GOTRAX E-Rideables Today

We want to make sure more and more people are riding their electric scooters and e-bikes so today we are discounting some of our most popular models. When you use code ALPHA4 you can save $50.00 on the G4 Electric Scooter and Alpha XL E-Bike. Be sure to hurry this code will only be available until the end of August so grab your GOTRAX today!

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