Product Overview: XR Ultra

Product Overview: XR Ultra

A 300 Watt front wheel motor, a 36V 7.0aH LG Lithium-Ion battery, and a one-touch folding mechanism are just a few of the features found within the XR Ultra foldable electric scooter. For today's "Product Overview:", we'll be going over the XR Ultra. An incredible, affordable, and foldable electric scooter that is perfect for inner-city commuting and trips around the neighborhood.

Man riding XR Ultra Foldable Electric Scooter for Adults

The XR Ultra can reach a top speed of 15.5 MPH with a range of 16 miles per charge. The LG battery in the tiller of this e-scooter powers everything from the motor to LED Digital Display. Luckily, the XR Ultra only weighs 26lbs making and easily folds in half to make storage and carrying that much easier. It is particularly nice when you have to take the bus, subway or other public transportation methods so you can keep your e-scooter out of the way to make room for other passengers. 

Man with XR Ultra Foldable Electric Scooter for Adults

Furthermore, the 8.5" air-filled pneumatic tires help absorb the shock from the bumps and cracks in the road along your commute. It holds a carrying capacity rated up to 220lbs thanks to a durable aluminum alloy frame. The XR Ultra is the perfect entry level electric scooter for you to start your journey in the world of personal electric vehicles. 

Remember to ride safe and always wear a helmet!

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