TUNDRA All-terrain Electric Mountain Bike 26" 32KPH | 112KM Range

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The ultimate electric bike. Durable frame and off road tires are ready for more than just your average weekend adventure.
Color: STEP THRU-Green


Experience powerful acceleration and conquer challenging terrains effortlessly.


Readouts for speed, battery life, pedal assist and more on our top of the line full color LCD display.


Effortlessly power your journey with the convenience of a removable battery. Stay charged and explore longer distances.


Tackle rough terrains comfortably and enjoy a smoother cycling experience with improved control


Customer Reviews

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Jarrod Harris
Description: Comfortable, Value-for-money
Tough bike

I purchased two of these bikes in November for me and my wife, we had electric bikes already and wanted to upgrade we now are pushing 400 miles on them using them as daily commuters I haul a trailer at times for groceries and laundry as does my wife plus we use them to smash down dirt roads to explore. The range on these bikes is mind blowing

Shandy Ashley
Description: Comfortable, Value-for-money, Trendy, Casual
I love the bike

Great trail bike!

Baylor Fuchs
Description: Value-for-money
Long-lasting Battery and Extended Range

The Electric Bike's removable 48V 20AH lithium battery is long-lasting and provides an extended range. With a single charge, I can ride up to 60 km, which is impressive. The battery's charging time of 6 hours is reasonable and allows for quick recharging. The battery is reliable and ensures consistent power delivery throughout the ride. This extended range is perfect for long-distance rides or commuting. I appreciate the convenience and reliability of the battery, as it allows me to enjoy longer rides without worrying about running out of power.

Danny Kojevnikov
Description: Comfortable, Value-for-money, Trendy

This bike works really well it's high-quality it goes about 28 to 30 Kph battery last long and even I messaged the company because my battery was broken and because I damaged some parts of my bike and they sent me new parts and a new battery completely for free. The customer service is amazing, I don't really write reviews but with all the stuff they did for me and all the free stuff they gave to help me fix my bike, they deserve it. They're really friendly and nice and know amazing English too. I don't write reviews cuz that's kinda corny but they deserve it for sure.

Ken Vincent
Description: Comfortable, Value-for-money, Trendy
One of the best bikes on the market for the money.

Powerful, fast, amazing specs. The Tundra model actually has a 48 volt system, 20 ah battery, 750 watt motor, and a great price. This bike deserves more notoriety and praise than it's getting online. I can't imagine why it's not featured by reviewers. If anyone knows why this is please let me know. I have five ebikes, love them all, but this one is a standout.

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