Comet Solid Tire E-Scooter 6'' 15KPH | 6.4KM Range

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Color: Black

150W Avg. Motor

6.5KM Per Charge

15KPH Max Speed

6" Solid Rubber Tires

33.4" x 17.3" x 36.7"

Weight: 18.8 lbs

Customer Reviews

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y son absolutely loves it!

This scooter is perfect for anybody that has small kids and it’s just learning how to use a scooter. I like the safety feature on it with the lights and also I love the fact that will play sound or music via Bluetooth. It doesn’t get that loud, so don’t worry about disturbing other people but if it’s perfect for the person riding it. One of the other key features I like is that you can pull it up and be able to store it a lot easier compared to other scooters. The battery life is good, it goes up to 10 miles an hour and kids can write it after 7 miles before you have to charge it again.
I’d recommend this product for anyone with small kids as they would absolutely love it.

Nora Houston
Holds a nice charge

This little thing will move quickly and I feel it holds a great charge considering the output that it is putting out. I was very impressed with it. The kids love it and are having a ball with it.

J. Weber
looks great

The scooter looks great , better than I thought it would! It's made from durable materials, I like the thickness of the tires and that the handlebar is adjustable. It lights up right out of the box. I can't say more as it was so much better than I anticipated it being I decided to save it for Christmas gift!

Miriam Todd
Electronic scooter

This will be given as a gift but it was easy to setup and is pretty fast. Helmets for the kids for sure but this is great I give it 10/10

Raymond T
Great design, RGB led lights

I have to say I love this electric scooter!! And so do my kids. The scooter was very easy to put together, just the handle bars needed to be attached, and protective wraps removed. Scooter had a full charge right out of the box. Powered up with the push of a button in the center of the handle bars. Great feature is that it can attach by Bluetooth and you can play music through the scooter. Lights are great, makes it a little easier to see. Has a great kick stand, so the scooter stays upright. Very easy to ride, goes about 6 miles per hour. So not too fast for the kids. Easy to charge up
With the included power cord, that plugs into the side port. Overall this scooter if fantastic. Kids will love it.