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Out of Warranty Service
Out of Warranty Service Sale price$24.99 CAD
Sold out
EBE3 Battery
EBE3 Battery Sale price$344.99 CAD
Sold out
EBE1 BatteryEBE1 Battery
EBE1 Battery Sale price$206.99 CAD
Sold out
EBE2 Battery
EBE2 Battery Sale price$344.99 CAD
E-Bike ChargersE-Bike Chargers
E-Bike Chargers Sale priceFrom $38.99 CAD
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EBE4 Battery 48V 10A
EBE4 Battery 48V 10A Sale price$344.99 CAD
Sold out
SHIFT S1 BatterySHIFT S1 Battery
SHIFT S1 Battery Sale price$206.99 CAD
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EBE2 Motor Controller
EBE2 Motor Controller Sale price$48.99 CAD
EBE6  Battery
EBE6 Battery Sale price$344.99 CAD
Display-EBE3 Sale price$39.99 CAD
ALPHA / Endura / Emerge BatteryALPHA / Endura / Emerge Battery
ALPHA / Endura / Emerge Battery Sale price$302.99 CAD
Pedal Arm L-EBE2, EBE3Pedal Arm L-EBE2, EBE3
Pedal Arm L-EBE2, EBE3 Sale price$14.99 CAD
Display-EBE6,EBE8 Sale price$74.99 CAD
Pedal L+R-Ebikes-EBE2,EBE3,EBE5,EBE8,Alpha, Emerge, Endura
Sold out
Controller -EBE3Controller -EBE3
Controller -EBE3 Sale price$41.99 CAD
Display-EBE5 Sale price$39.99 CAD
EBE3 Motor wheel Assembly
EBE3 Motor wheel Assembly Sale price$413.99 CAD
Kick Stand -EBE3Kick Stand -EBE3
Kick Stand -EBE3 Sale price$25.00 CAD
Sold out
EBE5 ControllerEBE5 Controller
EBE5 Controller Sale price$49.99 CAD
Controller -EBE4-New version (2099)Controller -EBE4-New version (2099)
Controller -EBE1Controller -EBE1
Controller -EBE1 Sale price$44.99 CAD
Controller-S1 Sale price$41.99 CAD
EBE4 Throttle
EBE4 Throttle Sale price$27.99 CAD
Tire EBE3,EBE8
Tire EBE3,EBE8 Sale price$67.99 CAD