GOTRAX - Adventure Together

GOTRAX - Adventure Together

GOTRAX isn't just about a more affordable, cleaner way to commute. It's about bringing people together through their rides. We have sold over 1,000,000 since 2017 and that number is only going up. We only recently expanded into Canada, but we are now able to connect with through our continued online community growth and

It will continue to be our goal to bring GOTRAX electric scooter and e-bike riders together to grow. GOTRAX is constantly developing newer, faster, and better models of electric scooter and e-bikes so that more people can find a ride that suites them. When you ride an electric scooter or e-bike you can save money on gas, avoid traffic, and promote a cleaner way to commute. Join the GOTRAX community today and adventure together. 

Group of College Students with GOTRAX Foldable Electric Scooters

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