Electric Scooter vs E-Bike: Which One is for You?

GOTRAX G4 Electric Scooter for Adults with GOTRAX EBE4 Foldable Off-Road Fat Tire E-bike

An age old question that sometimes drives people a little crazy trying to figure out which one is right for them, an electric scooter or an e-bike. Each offers up pros and cons so today we will go over a few of the main features of each and how they benefit you so you can finally choose an electric scooter or e-bike. 

1. Range & Battery 

GOTRAX Black EBE2 Electric Bike for Adults Battery Close-UP

The GMAX Ultra electric scooter for adults boasts a max range of 45 miles. The question that comes to mind is what happens when you run out of charge but you need to keep going? This is where our e-bikes have the advantage. Not only can they continue to function as regular bikes after the battery runs out but the pedal assist technology can give your lungs and legs a break. Furthermore, our higher-end models have a max range of 50 miles which just slightly beats out the GMAX Ultra. 

2. Storage & Mobility

GOTRAX Black G4 Electric Scooter in Folded Position

The EBE1 and Shift S1 are the only e-bikes in our GOTRAX Canada line-up that can fold. Our entire electric scooter line-up can lock in fold in one-touch. The tiller folds down to lock into the rear fender latch for easy carrying, storage, and convenience. The electric scooters have this category down, especially for inner-city commutes. If you have to take a bus, train or other form of public transportation you can easily carry and keep it out of the way. E-bikes are bit trickier and take up much more space. Additionally, carrying them up and down stairs can be a struggle. 

3. Speed

GOTRAX Black EBE2 Electric Bike for Adults Handlebar and Digital LED Display Close-up

Last but not least we have to talk speed. All of our products reach speeds between 15.5mph to 20mph. It is at this point that it comes down to personally preference but we still give this one to the E-Bikes. They take the cake in this category because, except for the Shift S1 and EBE1, of adjustable gears. The G4 and GMAX Ultra can shift into two gears, however, models such as the EBE2/EBE3 have five gears. E-bikes also feature front and rear wheel braking as well as front wheel or rear suspension for a more controlled, smooth ride. 

We recommend going with an electric bike if you are looking to get yourself a personal electric vehicle. While they aren't as portable/compact as electric scooters are but they make up for it range and more speed gears so you can avoid the use of other public transportation options. Whichever you end up riding be sure to ride safe and always wear a helmet!

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