Beginner's Guide to Electric Scooters

Man carrying GOTRAX Black GMAX Ultra High Performance Foldable Electric Scooter for Adults in Folded Position up stairs.

Congratulations! You have purchased your first electric scooter with GOTRAX Canada. You may have an idea of the basics to e-scooter riding from rentals or previous models but even the most experienced riders can forget some of the beginner's steps to owning an electric scooter. However, there is no need to worry GOTRAX Canada is here to assist.

We will go over kick to start, how to fold your GOTRAX electric scooter, how to properly charge it and how to properly store it. Following these tips and tricks will ensure you can enjoy all the qualities an electric scooter from GOTRAX has to offer.

Kick 2 Start

Women riding GOTRAX Red Apex Foldable Electric Scooter for Adults

Don't hit that throttle just yet. All of our e-scooter models come with a kick-2-start function. You must kick off to get your scooter between 2-3 mph/3.2-4.8 kph before the motor will engage. Once you reach that speed threshold after about 1-2 kicks press down on the throttle and you're off! This initial speed helps ease stress on the motor and battery since the scooter isn't starting from zero. This helps save charge on the battery as well as wear and tear on the motor. 

Folding your Electric Scooter

Women folding GOTRAX Black GXL V2 Electric Scooter for Adults into the folded position.

This varies between models of e-scooter so we will be sure to describe both. For most models of electric scooter, the folding aspect is mainly done with the tiller/stem folding down onto the deckboard/fender. This makes carrying over tougher terrain, up and down stairs or to save space in the subway or on a bus much easier than having to navigate the full scooter through a busy environment. Additionally, it helps save space on storage when not in use or when taking it on a long distance trip. 

For XR Ultra:
Be sure to pull the safety pin and lever at the same time located on the bottom of the tiller. The tiller will release so watch your head and make sure the hook-n-latch are secured. 

For G4 and GMAX Ultra:
Check the bottom of the tiller. For the G4 it will be facing the rear tire. For the GMAX Ultra it will be facing the front tire. Look for a small silver tab, and pull it up. You can then pull the latch down and fold the tiller downward toward the fender. Slide the hook onto the rear fender and make sure it is secured. 

Storing your Electric Scooter

Man carrying GOTRAX Black G4 Electric Scooter for Adults in the folded position.

Unfortunately, you can't be riding your electric scooter 24/7. When it is not in use, it is important to properly store your ride so that it does not become damaged or unusable. GOTRAX recommends you keep your e-scooter in a cool, dry environment avoiding moisture, direct sunlight, and temperature extremes. On the other hand, don't leave your electric scooter in storage for too long. Leaving the battery to stagnate without it being used or charged for extended periods of time can decrease the lifespan of the battery. Ride regularly and keep your battery charged between 20-90% for optimal usage. On the topic of charging...

Proper Charging

First and foremost, GOTRAX does not recommend charging your electric scooter overnight. For all of our e-scooters charging should only take 4-5 hours each time you charge. It will be much less than that if you aren't at 0%. When removing the charger be sure to disconnect from the wall first, then the product. When connecting be sure to plug the charger into the unit first, then to the wall.

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