The Top 3 E-Bikes for Summer

Woman with GOTRAX Black Endura Electric Bike with Step-Through Design

The Summer season is in full swing. It's the perfect time for camping, swimming, and plenty of other outdoor activities. One of the being, riding your e-bike! Today we will be going over our top 3 picks for electric bikes that would be perfect for summer. 

3. The Endura Step-Through Electric Bike

Woman with GOTRAX White Endura Electric Bike with Step-Through Design

The Endura Electric Bike is an ideal summer ride. The unique step-through design makes mounting and dismounting easier so you aren't tip-toeing to keep your balance every time you stop pedaling. This e-bike comes with a built-in rear storage rack for extra storage space in case the picnic, tent, etc... doesn't all fit into your backpack. The Endura comes with a removable 36V 7.5aH battery for a max speed of 15.5 MPH Max Speed and 28 Mile range. We can't attribute that range just on the battery though. Our Pedal Assist technology not only gives your legs and lungs a break but also takes the Endura to its max range. Even if you do run out of charge on your ride, our e-bikes still function as regular bikes so pedal away!

2. E02 Electric Bike

The E02 Electric Bike includes one of our longest ranges at 50 miles per charge with a classic mountain bike frame. This e-bike is for those looking to really explore the parks they go to or the cities they live in. 26" air-filled tires and front wheel suspension will help keep the 50 mile+ ride smooth and fun. We also think this e-bike would be perfect for Summer because of the easily accessible battery. Charging and battery swap is incredibly easy so you can keep riding your e-bike and enjoying the summer sun. Be sure you don't forget your helmet wherever you end up riding this year!

1. EBE4 Off-Road Fat Tire Electric Bike

GOTRAX Black EBE4 Off-Road Fat Tire Foldable Electric Bike in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

Our #1 pick for Summer has to be the EBE4 Off-Road Fat Tire E-Bike. It features a one-touch folding frame for easy storage and to save traveling space on your next camping trip. However, the main feature is the 20" off-road fat tires that can handle any kind of commute, bike path, or ride you can throw at it. Packing the range of the E02, the step-through design and rear storage rack of the Endura, and then some makes this an all-around perfect ride for Summer. A LED Digital Display and built in Phone Holder are easily accessed on the handlebars. Use phone for directions while you manage speed, battery life, your headlight and more on the display. On top of the fat-tire's, the front wheel suspension makes your ride feel even smoother. Whichever e-bike you end up riding this summer be sure to ride safe and always wear a helmet! 

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