F5 Foldable Electric Mountain Bike 20" 32KPH | 72KM Range

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The luxury model of our F-series F5, featuring exquisite brown leather on the tires and saddle, boasts a distinctive appearance that sets it apart. With hidden detachable battery and wider tires equipped with front suspension. The color upgrade enhances its overall appearance, giving it a distinctive and stylish look.

Color: White with Brown


Effortlessly power your journey with the convenience of a removable battery. Stay charged and explore longer distances.


Tackle rough terrains comfortably and enjoy a smoother cycling experience with improved control


Elevate your ride with a digital display for easy tracking. Enjoy pedal assist or throttle modes for a personalized journey. Dual braking enhanced safety and control.


Easily collapse and stow away your bike, redefining exploration and storage solution.

Embodie the spirit of safety and practicality, showcasing the effortless handling of our bike
The Model F5, with its folding and compact design, is the perfect companion for any outdoor adventure.

Customer Reviews

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Description: Comfortable, Value-for-money, Trendy
Great Bike !! & A+ customer service.

Easy to go uphill and really enjoyable ride. We did 26km on PAS 3 and only lost 1 bar on the battery this was a nice surprise. I thing that PAS 1 & 2 could be set a little bit higher like 15km & 18km to get a better feel but it's great value bike and love the look. We bought two bikes the F5 & R6 and got great customer service from Kayla ( i was a little sceptical about email only customer service but this change quickly has we got response within less then 24 hours for our inquiries).

Description: Comfortable, Value-for-money, Trendy, Casual
I got this to ride to work

So like I said, I got this bike to ride back-and-forth to work but I will probably ride it a whole lot more. This is my first electric bike. I tried to do my research and buy a middle of the road bike. It arrived in a reasonable amount of time for me it was very easy to assemble. I don’t recall looking for instructions on how to assemble it. They were probably in the box. I don’t know. Sorry guys 😱
I did buy the fender and rack kit with it because I’m not going muddying with this bike. This is my every day ride.
If you’re teetering on the fence of whether to buy or not buy an electric bike by this one, you’ll never turn back I’m sure there’s others that are more expensive that maybe a more impressive ride. However, I did purchase a lesser bike for my daughter because my wife didn’t want me to handover a bike that could do 30km an hour on the road, and at this particular point in time I’m not impressed with the company that I got it from however the gotrax f5 that I got wow is all I can say get a gotrax if you can afford it don’t buy anything less

Description: Value-for-money
Bought This for the Lady

High quality and easy to assemble. Plenty of power to get up hills with little effort. The lady is 5'4" and the bike is an okay fit. The throttle control is great for her so that she doesn't have to peddle up hills or at all if she doesn't want to. Allows her to get some exercise on the bike and she can stop peddling but keep going with the electric motor as needed.

Kindle Customer
Description: Comfortable, Value-for-money, Trendy
Second model purchased

Just as happy with this one! We'll made, works well, and appreciate the follow up email to check on satisfaction from customer service.

Gilles Pouliot
Description: Comfortable, Value-for-money, Casual, Trendy
Very bad
Very good
Quite a beast !

After buying an EBE4 Pro, which is a great machine, but due to a problem with my left leg, the middle bar was causing me some problems getting off the bike. So, the most appropriate model for me had to be a model like the R2, F1, F2, F3, F5 or F6. I hesitated between the F5 or the R6. A person from Gotrax told me that they were similar. I opted for the F5. And I'm very happy with my choice.

All white with the handles, saddle and brown sidewall of the wheels gives it a great look. Plus having hydraulic brakes improves braking quite a bit compared to my other bike (EBE4 Pro).

The small differences I noticed compared to the EBE4 Pro, obviously, a better braking system, the response of the front fork more efficient. On the other hand, I think, the range of the different levels PAS are not calibrated in the same way. On the EBE4 Pro, the transitions from level 1 to 5 are more linear but on the F5 they are more exponential. Don't be mistaken, the EBE4 Pro model is a very good bike but obviously the F5 is a new superior. With the accessories I added and for the price, this is the best E-Bike I could buy.

Now I just have to try the Flex Campus Pro Foldable Electric Scooter !!!


Thank you so much for your detailed and enthusiastic review! It's great to know that the design, especially the all-white look with the brown handles, saddle, and sidewalls, has caught your eye and that the hydraulic brakes have significantly improved your riding experience.

We appreciate your insights on the differences between the F5 and the EBE4 Pro, particularly regarding the braking system and the response of the front fork. Your observation about the PAS levels and their calibration is very valuable feedback for us.

Thank you for sharing your fantastic photos as well. They truly showcase the beauty and quality of the F5.

We hope you continue to enjoy your rides and look forward to hearing your thoughts on the Flex Campus Pro Foldable Electric Scooter soon!

Best regards,
The Gotrax Team

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