F5 Foldable Electric Mountain Bike 20" 32KPH | 72KM Range

Sale price$1,749.00 CAD

The luxury model of our F-series F5, featuring exquisite brown leather on the tires and saddle, boasts a distinctive appearance that sets it apart. With hidden detachable battery and wider tires equipped with front suspension. The color upgrade enhances its overall appearance, giving it a distinctive and stylish look.

Color: White with Brown


Effortlessly power your journey with the convenience of a removable battery. Stay charged and explore longer distances.


Tackle rough terrains comfortably and enjoy a smoother cycling experience with improved control


Elevate your ride with a digital display for easy tracking. Enjoy pedal assist or throttle modes for a personalized journey. Dual braking enhanced safety and control.


Easily collapse and stow away your bike, redefining exploration and storage solution.

Embodie the spirit of safety and practicality, showcasing the effortless handling of our bike
The Model F5, with its folding and compact design, is the perfect companion for any outdoor adventure.

Customer Reviews

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Description: Comfortable, Value-for-money, Trendy, Casual
Tons of fun and very responsive to ride.

Bike get to top speed of 32 KPH pretty quick and feels very sturdy. The LED display is really bright and easy to read. It comes with 5 levels of pedal assist. It also has seven gears which make it really easy to ride the bike without the motor engaged, just in case you get caught with a dead battery. I have not had any battery issues and I used one of five of the battery indicator bars over a 20 mile ride. So far it has been a great value for the price and looks way better than most of the other e-bikes on the road.

Description: Comfortable, Value-for-money, Trendy

The power this ebike has is AMAZING. ZERO complaints. First time out on rough terrains and it handled GREAT. Only had one issue with a controller I ordered with the bike, however, Skyler addressed the issue within minutes and shipped it immediately. The item and the customer service was FANTASTIC!! I truly recommend!!

Julisa Mendoza
Description: Value-for-money
Now this is what I’m talking about.

Freesky was a company I have never heard of so I was pretty skeptical at first, after riding it myself I know now why it has so many great reviews. I live in a small town with a lot of canals and small hills and my F5 has no problem ripping through them.i love this bike and will definitely buy from them again in the future.

Lisa G
Great quality!

Such fast shipping, and great product!
Very sturdy and easy to put together! So much fun! First day and I already put 12 miles on it! Highly recommend to anyone looking for a great E-bike! Only weighs 66 lbs, easy to maneuver. Love the colors!

Jan Marino
26" fat tire bikes are big bikes

If you are under 5'4" buy a 20" fat tire bike.
Likes- Silent motor. Range is good, comfort is good (nice seat and suspension helps), controller is easy to learn how to use. Coasts nicely. Rode 40km on mostly level terrain and had 2 bars (out of 5) left. Pretty sure I could go 70 km on a full charge with mostly fake peddling.
Needs improvement items- peddle assist (PAS) ratings 1-5 available. Note you are going real fast in PAS 4 and 5. Cannot climb steep hills easily going slow in PAS1 (but you can blast up them in PAS 2+).
Overall- Pretty decent bike for the price.

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