CTI 2 New Electric Bike 27.5" 32KPH | 80KM Range

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Discover your city on this commuter e-bike with ease thanks to our pedal assist technology.
Color: Black

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Description: Comfortable, Value-for-money

I got this for my wife who gave up riding bikes a long while ago because she could never keep up with me, and just didn't enjoy biking that much in general. We saw this bike and it was perfect. It allows her to ride like a normal bike and pedal when she wants to, and get the power on hills or when she trails behind me. She absolutely loves it. She is 5'4 and has no problem getting on and off of it.

Description: Value-for-money
Enjoying the ride, great customer service!

I'm happy with my CTI2! It's a blast to ride for work commutes and just cruising around. I've got over 100 miles in with some minor issues, but Gotrax support has been excellent. They're quick to respond and work with me to find solutions (like fixing a loose crank arm and replacing bent fenders). If you're looking for a fun ride and good value, I'd recommend this e-bike.

Cindy McColly
Description: Comfortable, Value-for-money
Great Value

I am loving this bike so far. I have only had it for about a week, but I am enjoying everything about it. I rode it to work for the first time yesterday, and despite the wind I got there in under 30 minutes when it normally would have taken me 40 minutes on my regular bike with no winds. It does take some effort to put together, but I highly recommend it. You'll be able to ride in conditions you could before like the wind or steep climbs. The price is extremely fair, and it is just a great looking bike.

Description: Value-for-money

Wow! Just wow!

Description: Comfortable, Value-for-money, Trendy
Love the bike

The bike is great. It's the perfect thing to have while living in the city. Assembly instructions were horrible, fortunately, we were able to get it done after a few hours. Other than the assembly process, this bike is amazing.