Tips & Tricks for First Time EBike Riders

Tips & Tricks for First Time EBike Riders

They say once you learn to ride a bike you know for life but when you add a battery and motor to the mix it becomes a bit more complicated. Whether you're about to ride you're very first GOTRAX ebike or taking your 1000th trip it is important to keep your ride properly managed and maintained so you get the most out of your trips. 

Don't Run Your Battery to Zero

Two people riding GOTRAX White and Black EBE4 Off-Road Fat Tire Electric Bikes for Adults with Front Wheel Suspension

While it is okay to do if you must, do your best to avoid taking your battery down to absolute zero to avoid losing life cycles on the battery. We recommend getting into the habit of charging your bike after every use. Should you reach absolute zero on your battery it typically takes between 4-5 hours to get back to 100%. However, keeping your battery charged between 20-90% keeps your battery away from hitting zero and avoids overcharging. Although even if you run out of charge you can still utilize an e-bike like a normal bike, it may just feel a bit heavy because of the battery, motor, and other e-bike parts. You should also find a cool, dry place to store your e-bike and avoid temperature extremes. Finally, find a good balance on pedal assist level and throttle only. You will be able to ride further on your e-bike with a charge when on a lower the pedal assist setting

Check Tire Pressure

GOTRAX Black Endura Step-Through Gotrax Canada Ebike

You want to avoid anything too low or too high but find the psi that is just right. The PSI for your model of an e-bike will be listed in the manual and on the sidewall of the tire. Utilize a bike tire pump that features a pressure gauge for accurate and precise psi. We also recommend bringing a pocket-size or travel-size pump with you on your rides but we will get more into that later. While you check tire pressure, check on the brakes, the display, and the frame of the bike for any noticeable damage. If you do end up spotting something, then do not ride and reach out to our Customer Support Team. If not, you're ready to hop and ride. 

Pedal Assist Technology

Two people riding GOTRAX Canada Ebikes

All GOTRAX e-bikes come with our signature pedal-assist technology (PAT) that will give your lungs and legs a break so you won't be sweating up a storm whenever you get to where you need to go. Should your model of e-bike feature a LED digital display and adjustable speed settings, you can find the right level of PAT for a type of road, path, or incline you are on. The higher the level, the faster you will be able to go and the more battery you will use so be mindful of the charge you have left. If you want to put the pedal to the metal, you can just get your feet in a comfortable position and just go throttle only. It will take time but you will find the right balance between PAT, throttle only, and pedaling only as you start to ride your e-bike more often. 

Safety Gear

We cannot stress enough how important safety is when you are out on the road, bike path, or trail. At a minimum, have a helmet on whenever and wherever you are going to ride. It can truly make a difference should you get into an accident. Protecting your joints and main points of impact come next should you want to take your safety to the next level with equipment such as knee and elbow pads. On the subject of safety, you will be working out your leg muscles when you ride so take 5 mins beforehand to stretch and warm up if you are planning on riding for a long time. 

What Do I Bring?

Well, we've already mentioned a helmet and a travel-size air pump but there are a few other things we recommend to take on your rides. Utilize a backpack or, should your bike come with one, a rear storage rack to bring your things with you.

  • A patch kit - It can come in handy as a temporary fix to get back to your car or home if you get a flat mid-ride.
  • A small med kit - Ideally, you won't have to use it but an important thing to have in case of emergencies.
  • Water Bottle - Even with pedal assist you'll eventually need to rehydrate.
  • Light Snack - If you're planning on going far, make sure you recharge yourself as well.
  • Fellow EBike Riders - It is safer to bike together than alone. If you are riding alone be sure to let people know where you are going and when you'll be back!

Just remember to be safe, ride responsibly, and have fun. Following the steps above and learning from other riders will make you an e-bike expert in no time. 

Ride Together. Ride GOTRAX!


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