How to Assemble the Gotrax Eclipse Electric Scooter

How to Assemble the Gotrax Eclipse Electric Scooter

We take a look at one of our latest electric scooters for adults, the Gotrax Eclipse. It's our first e-scooter to come with front wheel suspension that offers one of the smoothest rides available.

In the above video, we go through how to assembly your Eclipses as well as some of its specifications and features. The most apparent though, is the front wheel suspension. This dual, shock absorbing suspension can make even the roughest city commutes feel like a breeze. You'll notice directly above the suspension is GOTRAX's signature one-touch folding mechanism with an all new tiller latch/fender hook system. We built the fender hook into the fender for a more secured lock while you are carrying. Up next, you'll notice the suspension isn't the only duality on this electric scooter. You'll notice the dual, adjustable brake lines for safe and secure stops when needed. 

Finally, we'll move to some of the internal specifications of the Eclipse. It comes with an impressive 500 Watt rear wheel motor powered by a sizable 36V 10.4aH lithium-ion battery. A well-built, updated look to our electric scooter line-up with more to come in 2023 so stay tuned!

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