How to Replace the Console on Your GOTRAX Electric Scooter

GOTRAX GXL V2 LED Digital Display and Handlebar Assembly

It is the last thing you want to worry about on your GOTRAX electric scooter. Error codes or poor connections pop up from time to time making your ride, unridable. The console and handlebar assembly are essentially the brains of your e-scooter. It allows you to guide your ride where you want to go, at what speed you want to go and how far. The solution to most error codes is cleaning the connections between the console and the rest of the electric scooter or swapping out the console for a new one. We will go over how to do both so that you can get back to riding!

How to Clean your Console Connection

For starters, you should remember when you first assembled your GOTRAX. You have to first remove the console screws (pictured below) to access the wire connector. 

GOTRAX Black GMAX Ultra Electric Scooter for Adults Console Screws Close Up

The picture above is for the GMAX Ultra electric scooter. You should find the screws on other models in a similar position on, securing the latch in place for when you fold your e-scooter. Once they have been removed, pull up on the handlebar assembly to take it out of the tiller. 

If you play the video above, it will show you the connection wire that needs to be cleaned. A soft rag is your best bet to clear any dust or contaminants that are on/in the connections. Use the rag gently so you don't bend or damage any of the connectors. After that, just follow the steps in reverse to reattach the console and check for your error code again after you power your electric scooter on.

Replacing Your Console

If you end up having to fully replace the console, follow the steps above until you have only the brake line attached. The brake line is typically the hardest part to swap but there is a quick fix for that problem as well. In a more short form our videographer Joe shows how to attach the brake line for an Apex electric scooter. You can also adjust how loose or how tight your brake line is by adjusting the screws on your brake caliper (pictured below). First, pull the end cap of the brake line out from the brake handle. Then, guide the brake line through the brake handle. Finally, press down on the brake handle to expose the aluminum end and lift it out. 

GOTRAX Black Apex Foldable Electric Scooter for Adults Brake Caliper Close - Up

You've now fully removed your brake line and handlebar assembly from the rest of your electric scooter. Just follow these steps in reverse to attach your new console and you're ready to ride. Don't forget to wear your helmet!

Ride Happy, Ride Together, Ride GOTRAX!

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