G5 Foldable Electric Scooter 10" 32KPH | 45KM Range

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G5 Electric Scooter, with a more powerful motor, enables you to ride farther and faster; equipped with a spotlight and dual brake system to keep you riding safely. It truly makes your commuting and travels more convenient and full of passion!

Color: Gray

A New Commuter


Smooth, stable riding so your G5 can take on even the bumpiest city streets.


Quickly come to a safe stop even from top speed.


Rear wheel positioning offers better acceleration and hill climbing ability.

10" TiRES

The G5's 10” pneumatic shock-absorbing tires ensure a smooth commute, even bumpy city streets.


The crisp, clear LED screen provides quick readouts on riding speed, distance, battery life, and more. It includes a digital code feature that allows for added security.


The G5's highly-visible red tail light shines when you brake, letting pedestrians, motorists, and other riders know when you're slowing down.


The G5 features both front and rear-wheel braking, keeping you safe and in control of your ride.


Customer Reviews

Based on 172 reviews
Description: Comfortable, Value-for-money, Trendy
Most fun scooter!!

This scooter was the smoothest ride i’ve been on! It has cool features such as a light for late night rides. It also has a digital display that tells you its battery and the speed you’re going at. The scooter offers a break which is very needed when going at the highest speed while also having kickstand which you can use to take a breather after riding. Will recommend to anyone looking for a nice ride!

Eric R.
Description: Value-for-money
So far appears to be a good value

I got this GOTRAX G5 electric scooter to use at work; on a typical workday I walk 5 to 9 km, mostly on inner-city sidewalks. This walking is much needed exercise in cooler weather, but when it gets hot and humid my knee flares up making walking very difficult. Also, who wants to be at work with sweat-drenched clothes?

I tested the Caroma at work travelling, and I think this scooter is going to be a game-changer when I start having to get around. It has a small headlight, deck lights and brake strobe which is a plus since I have to travel from my car to the office in the early morning when it is still dark out.

The G5 is not light, over 40 lbs. I work in a large building and have to carry the scooter up stairs and in other areas multiple times a day. I’m over 60 but also fairly stout, so carrying the scooter to my office is not a very big deal but this could be a deal breaker if I was smaller/weaker.

Pros: Easy to assemble and operate.
When handlebar is folded, easily fits into trunk of Toyota Camry.
Good price for the features – speed and potential distance.
Very quick delivery after ordering, arrived 4 days before the estimated arrival time.
The deck lights are a pleasant surprise and look pretty cool.

Neutral: G5 is heavy; I realize weight is the tradeoff for power and distance, so I list trait as a neutral.

Moves faster than I expected for a fairly heavy rider (me at 200 lbs). My 106 lb son very quickly gets up to max speed for all 2 speed settings and handles steep hills without bogging to a stop.

Lawrence Parent
Description: Comfortable, Value-for-money, Trendy
Excellent customer service

It's fast and ample amount of room to stand. It handled hills pretty good. It can handle a lot of weight. Customer service was amazing.

Nicole Foster
Very bad
Very good

Great scooter!! Great customer service. Had some battery questions and without hesitation a new battery was sent to us! Thanks Go Trax!

Alexis T.
Description: Comfortable, Value-for-money, Trendy
Works as expected

My son just got this scooter and really likes it so far. It was easy to use immediately and he is looking forward to having more fun with it.

Riders are concerned

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