EBE4 Pro Foldable Electric Bike 20" 32KPH | 80KM Range

Sale price$1,099.99 CAD
Featuring our fat tire design, the EBE4 electric bike gives you the ability to take on tough terrain and reach a max speed of 32 kph. Our compact folding design means you can bring the  adventure with you wherever you go. The EBE4 is able to reach distances of up to 80 kilometers per charge.

    Color: Black

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    Gary Davidson
    Description: Value-for-money
    Very bad
    Very good

    Fast Delivery 2 days, 5 min installation, no instructions needed, 5 star right out of the box. Paddle assist is great , works great on the road or a trail , have not come close to max range or speed , it handles all, love it worth every penny.

    Peter T
    Description: Comfortable, Value-for-money
    Very bad
    Very good
    Awesome Bike

    Excellent choice of a bike, changed the seat to a larger model it is now really comfortable to ride, spending more time outside now.

    Gilles Pouliot
    Description: Value-for-money, Trendy
    Very bad
    Very good
    Great buy and great e-bike

    Great purchase. That's exactly what I wanted. When I received the box and after assembling it, I thought it was huge. However, the photos and videos viewed do not give a good idea of the size of the bike. But after all, it gives it a sense of robustness and that's what it is.

    Since the first day I received, instead of using my Jeep 4xe to go to work, I have been using my Gotrax
    EBE4 to get to work.

    Using it either only on motor mode only or with pedal assist gives maximum flexibility.
    It's a charm to climb a steep slope without having to force it like before with my old bike.

    There is a small delay between the moment you start pedalling and the motor coming on for pedal assistance but it's not a big problem, you get used to it quite quickly.

    Being able to fold up handles, pedals and the entire bike makes winter storage very convenient and being able to put it in the trunk of the car for long rides in the various remote parks.

    Finally, I really like Gotrax products. I'm eventually going to buy a Flex Foldable Electric Scooter and probably another Gotrax F5 or R6 bike


    Thank you for your feedback! We appreciate your feedback regarding your Gotrax EBE4 electric bike. Your satisfaction with its performance and convenience means a lot to us. We're continuously working to improve our products, and your input helps us make them even better. We look forward to serving you again in the future. Happy riding!

    Rob b
    Description: Value-for-money
    After 1 Year And It Still Rides Good As New

    I bought this bike a little months ago and the battery life is still great. The thick tires handles very well in the city and helps me feel more safe when I ride on wet concrete after it rains. Folding is very easy, although make sure to apply bike grease to the metal fold area every several months or so to keep the fold/unfold smooth. If you do not apply grease then the area will begin to tighten from all the folding and unfolding. This bike has made me so happy and it is worth every penny.

    Judy Y
    Description: Comfortable, Value-for-money, Trendy, Casual
    Would purchase again

    Sturdy, reliable bike. Great option, especially for the price. Helpful customer service.

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