The Best Things to do with a Folding Electric Bike or Scooter

The Best Things to do with a Folding Electric Bike or Scooter

One of the most appealing aspects of electric bikes and electric scooters is that many of them come with folding capabilities. What that means for you as a rider, however, is not always clear. Today, we’re going to highlight everything that a folding e-bike or e-scooter can do that you couldn’t with a different ride.

Carry Your Ride Alongside You

No matter how much a bike or scooter weighs, their geometry can make them a bit awkward to hold. Where do you hold it from? And how do you maneuver the parts of your ride that are just slightly outside your reach? Luckily, a folding ride solves this problem by shifting into a more compact form, making it easier to get a steady grip on. It’s a breeze to haul a folding bike or scooter up the stairs, into the office, or through your house. 

Stash Your Ride in Tight Spaces—Like Your Car

For many riders, especially those living in smaller houses or apartments, storage can be a problem. A folding ride, however, doesn’t need much space at all. They can fit in much shorter or narrower spaces, so they won’t take up too much room wherever you choose to keep it. They can even fit in the trunk of your car, so you won’t need any kind of rack to take your ride with you on a road trip.

Bring Your Ride on the Bus or Train

A personal electric vehicle is a great solution for last mile commutes, especially if you choose to take public transportation for part of your ride. A folding bike or scooter is relatively unobtrusive, so they’re easy to bring on to the bus or train without bothering other riders. Just be sure to check your local rules about bringing electric rides onto public transportation before you set out.

Ride in Places You Otherwise Couldn’t Reach

Part of the fun of riding is getting to explore unfamiliar areas while conquering unknown roads. While you could always use your bike or scooter as your method of reaching your next riding destination, this limits you to places you can reach on one ride—and while plenty of our rides have an impressive range, every e-bike and e-scooter can only travel so far before needing to recharge. Through the methods we’ve outlined, however, it’s easy to bring a folding ride with you, then set it up when you reach your riding spot of choice. This lets riders explore far-out cities, parks, and trails with ease, widening their adventuring horizons.

If you want a folding ride of your own, we have a number of fantastic options. From bikes to scooters, we have all sorts of folding personal electric vehicles meant for all sorts of situations, so there's sure to be a ride that meets your needs. And as always, remember to stay safe, follow the rules of the road, and wear a helmet!

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