Product Overview: The EBE4 Fat Tire Electric Bike

Product Overview: The EBE4 Fat Tire Electric Bike

One of our best all-around electric bikes. The EBE4 fat tire electric bike is an absolute beast of a bike. The most noticeable feature of this ride is the 50cm x 10cm shock-absorbing air-filled pneumatic tires that pair exceptionally well with the front wheel suspension that offers an incredibly smooth ride. 

This e-bike was designed to go where other e-bikes can't. Powered by a 48V 10aH (480Wh) lithium-ion battery for an incredible max range of up to 80 kilometers. You won't be too tired after that 80-kilometer trip thanks to our signature pedal-assist technology. On top of that, the EBE4 comes with five different pedal assist speed settings but if you're feeling the need for speed you can just press the throttle and go. You can adjust said speed settings and more with ease thanks to a LED digital display built onto the handlebars. It also includes a 350W rear wheel motor that lets you reach a top speed of 32kph. We still haven't mentioned anything about this e-bike's other signature feature, it folds!

GOTRAX White and Black EBE4 Off-Road Fat Tire Electric Bikes for Adults with Front Wheel Suspension in the Folded Position in the trunk of a car

In just a few easy steps you can pack your e-bike away and take it with you for camping adventures or to your favorite bike trail. It also saves a sizable amount of space when you aren't riding around. Don't forget to utilize the rear storage rack as well for when you run out of room in your backpack. We'd recommend the EBE4 for the more adventurous riders out there who want to take their ride to the next level. This e-bike can handle the off-road so of course it can handle any city commute you throw at it as well. Ride safe and don't forget your helmet. 

Ride Together. Ride GOTRAX!

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