Keeping Your Bike Paths Clear with an E-Bike Snowplow

Keeping Your Bike Paths Clear with an E-Bike Snowplow

Innovation coming out of Victoria, B.C. as a local cyclist has found a way to mount a homemade snow plow to the front of his e-bike. In a video from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, CBC, shows the bike clearing bike paths and sidewalks after some snowfall in Victoria. 

Philip Marciniak, the owner and inventor of the e-bike snowplow, states, "Last year, I wanted to see if I could put a snowplow on the front of my e-bike to see if I could push it along and it worked surprisingly well. I made a new version this year that's more of split design and I finally had the chance to test it. It worked so well and it was so much fun!"

Marciniak is also the owner of a small electric bike shop called Sustainawave based in Saanich, B.C. Doing his part to support the change to more micro mobility focused infrastructure and making rides safer, especially in the winter months. He is doing his part to keep sidewalks clear when most of the time they are covered in snow from the plows on the road. It helps to have a mobile plow that can go where other plows can't. 

GOTRAX might have to reach out to Sustainawave to create a plow for our models of E-Bikes! 

Ride Together. Ride GOTRAX. 

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