GOTRAX has officially upgraded the G Series of adult electric scooters with new and improved functions and features. Designed with customer feedback in mind, the GMAX Ultra–the best adult electric scooter from GOTRAX–is a step above the GXL V2 and offers a variety of new accessories you’ll love. Whether you’re considering a new way to commute to work, exploring a new hobby that’s fun for the whole family, or looking to cut back on costs and carbon emissions this year, the G Max Ultra may be the right ride for you.


Perhaps our favorite new feature is the Ultra’s max range LG battery. Stored within the scooter’s deck to offer riders extra stability, the 36V 17.5 aH battery keeps you cruising for up to 72km per single charge. Complete with overcharge protection, short circuit protection, over current protection, and temperature resistance capabilities, this powerhouse battery is made to last. Plus, you’ll enjoy the Ulta’s upgraded motor as you accelerate to top speeds of 32km per hour and conquer hills with a 20 degree incline without missing a beat.

GOTRAX listened to riders rave about specific features, like the one-step folding system and sturdy exterior, of the earlier models of G Series electric scooters. So, we’ve kept what you love and added a variety of other amenities to improve the quality of every ride. You’ll ride comfortably atop our 10” shock-absorbing tires, activate the electric scooter’s dual braking system when necessary, and appreciate more stability with the GMAX Ultra’s improved body design and reduced motor noise. Supporting riders up to 222 pounds, this scooter also features an integrated security system. Complete with an IPX4 waterproof rating, an ultrabright LED headlight, and responsive rear brake lights to offer improved visibility, you’ll be cruising rain or shine, day or night. 

At GOTRAX, we understand the importance of data-driven performance, which is why our new digital smart display LED screen provides riders with feedback. Whether you want to switch on your headlights or check your battery life, the GMAX Ultra’s new display is at your service. Don’t forget to use the other upgraded features on the display screen as well, like the digital lock, cruise control setting, and speedometer.

The GMAX Ultra adult electric scooter is perfect for individuals who are on-the-go and prioritize portability. In fact, this model folds down to just 15x45x6 inches and weighs only 39.48 pounds, which means it’ll be easy to tuck away on public transit, store in the office, or pop into the backseat of a car.

The best adult electric scooter on the market is GOTRAX’s GMAX Ultra. With the same fast and free shipping you love, plus a 14-day return and 365-day warranty policy, you won’t want to miss out on this year’s most innovative commuting solution yet.

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