R2 Off-road and Folding Electric Bike 20" x 3"-32KPH | 64KM Range

Sale price$1,099.99 CAD
R2 electric bike is compact but packed with features. Portable folding design and 5-speed gear. Easily monitor your journey with three driving modes to choose from. Conquering all terrains with it today.

Color: Black

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Description: Value-for-money
Great eBike!

The bike came very well packed and a day early. Assembly was easy and quick and the battery already had a charge. The bike is solid with thick tubing and strong welds, there’s even a protection bar on the rear derailleur. The wheels are a solid metal and seem extra durable (no more spokes). The bike rides very smooth and we have gotten it up to 29 kph on straightaways. We’ve only had it 2 days and have ridden it about 20km and still have 63% battery left. This bike was for my wife and I waited to see how I fit on it and how it held up when I rode it to purchase another for me. I’m 6’ 225lbs and with the handlebars all the way up and seat pretty high I fit well and don’t look silly. The shocks work well with my stature. So we ordered another that will arrive this week. We will update and add another review once we ride more miles.

Description: Comfortable, Value-for-money, Trendy, Casual
Love it

I am very satisfied with my purchase of this bike, I had a visitor with wings come to check out the bike. My bird friend let out a big sound so I take that as he likes the bike also. The Gotrax EBike everything that I imagine it would be. It would be nice to have some saddlebags baskets made just like the “tube” rear rack.

Description: Value-for-money
Very bad
Very good
It’s what I wanted

J’ai acheté mon R2 lundi dernier et je l’ai reçu le mercredi matin suivant. Mon conjoint l’a assemblé sans difficulté . Il est facile à plier et je peux le mettre dans ma petite voiture. J’ai roulé dans la rue et également dans un sentier de forêt, il est facile à contrôler et aide vraiment quand je monte une côte. Très satisfaite de mon achat jusqu’à présent.

nicol tremblay
Description: Comfortable
Very bad
Very good

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Description: Comfortable, Value-for-money, Trendy
So far its great!

Have only owned the r2 for a few weeks but love it so far. Everything works as expected. Bike is large, great for people 6ft +. I weigh 210 lbs and my bike bag weighs 10 lbs. No problems hitting 28kph on flat ground. Just started commuting to work this week and racked up over 100km without issue. Also bought a EBE6 for wife and child to ride. Its great too. The EBE6 had some minor damage occur during shipping. Gotrax was quick to help by sending replacement part. Will update review if there are any serious issues down the line.

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