EBE1 Compact Electric Bike 16" 25KPH | 45KM Range

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The EBE1 is a folding electric bike with a step through design which makes mounting and dismounting effortless. Get up to 45 kilometers per charge and 25 kph with the compact EBE1 electric bike.
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Reniel Agcanas
Description: Comfortable, Value-for-money, Trendy
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Gotrax Ebe1 electric folding bike

Just got the ebe1 and i am doing going with it. Does the Ebe1 compete with bikes that cost $1500+, depends. I think it shines in areas they don’t. Frankly If you are new to the ebike world I would 100% recommend the Ebe1 over anything else mentioned above (unless you are going to be riding on sand or you FOR REAL have a commute over 25+ miles and need to go faster on streets). However this bike is plenty fast, and it’s really more about slow/moderate cruising speeds and for me simply extending the distance I can go vs regular pedal bikes. twist throttle the entire way on a night out or whatever. It’s super fun and they are just amazing for the value. And frankly the RadMini, Sinch, Ecotric, Lectric, they are bigger than you think, so throwing them in a car or trunk isn’t exactly ideal. Even zipping around town they are big and bulky and heavy and cumbersome. And with the super fat tires, you’ll need a special car carrier rack, but not with the ebe1. That’s where this bike shines. You get 80% of the speed and distance for 1/2 to even 1/3rd the price, and it’s more portable and easier to dodge pedestrians without rolling up on some intimidating monster ebike.. You also don’t need gears with an ebike 99% of the time either. Majority of people with a RadMini or whatever similar bike just leave it in the high gear the entire time and will throttle/pedal up hills, unless you live in british columbia.

Anyway, i highly recommend. Buy it for your first or add to your arsenal of bikes, its awesome for the price and build quality is waaaaaay above what i expected and i have had several ebikes over the past few years. This is definitely my favorite for the value and overall fun factor and ease.

I just got my go Trax folding bike and I am so happy with the purchase. I live I a small town with a lot of hills. This bike actually has the power to get me up the hills. I was terrified use it at first but you get used to it real quick. By the second day I was zooming all over town. I think I might replace the seat because it gets uncomfortable after a while. I think it's a great bike for seniors or anyone who would be uncomfortable on bigger bikes.

Received without damaged (minor scratches on the seat pole, but no big deal). Easy to assemble (most can be done without tools, I only need tools to tight the pedals) everything is ready in 15-20min max. Come pre-charge 3/4 bars. Nice horn and front light (no rear light, hope they will add that in their next version). Everything folded, except the handlebar. There is no mode for the assist, only ON or OFF (controlled by the key). Speed can be control independently with the throttle. Also note that the bike come with 2 set of key, first is to turn on & off the bike, the second to remove the battery (they should use the same set). Take into consideration that this bike is not street legal in most area, due to the missing front & wheels reflector. Overall is a decent bike. Considering the price, I will still give it a five stars.

Hello Reniel
Thank you for your thorough and detailed review of the Gotrax Ebe1 electric folding bike! We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience and thoughts. It's wonderful to hear that you are happy with your purchase and finding the bike to be a great fit for your needs.

Your positive remarks about the build quality of the Ebe1 are highly appreciated. It's reassuring to know that the bike exceeded your expectations in this regard, especially considering your experience with multiple electric bikes in the past. This speaks to the attention to detail and craftsmanship of the Ebe1.

You appreciated the pre-charge level and the inclusion of a horn and front light, although you mentioned the absence of a rear light. This feedback regarding the rear light is valuable for our company to consider for future versions of the bike.

Thank you for choosing Gotrax and sharing your detailed experience with the Ebe1 electric folding bike. We hope you continue to have many enjoyable rides with it!❤❤❤

Description: Comfortable, Value-for-money, Trendy, Casual
Good space saver ebike

The ebike came in mostly preassembled, which I really like. No hassle to install. I can keep the folded bike in a Honda fit and in a Toyota RAV4. This saves me from getting a bike rack in the car. The bike is pretty easy to fold, a bit on the heavy side to lift.

The e-motor is pretty strong, takes me uphill climb easily. The battery takes about 3 hrs to charge from 20% to 90%, and able to go fully uphill for 6km using from 100% to 60%.

Description: Comfortable, Value-for-money, Trendy
Arrivé avant la date prévue

Il fonctionne bien, mon conjoint est très satisfait !

Description: Value-for-money
Great mobility

I had this bike for more than a year now. It's great to go to work for me. Its wheels are big enough to be on the bus rack, but the bike is small enough when folded to bring on the bus on rainy days. So it's perfect for last-mile transportation. Recently, my throttle wire got broken, Gotrax sent me a new gas handle with no difficulties, even though the CS in Canada is quite slower to respond than in the US since they don't have a hotline. Overall, best purchase in 2024

Ann Letellier
Description: Comfortable, Value-for-money
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Very good
Excellent achat et service après vente

Bonjour, nous avons acheté deux vélos EBE1 et nous avons eu un problème avec la clé pour démarrer le moteur pour l’un d’eux. Nous avons communiqué avec GoTraxCanada et nous avons eu un excellent service avec Lydia. Elle a fait en sorte de nous faire envoyer un kit de serrure/clé de remplacement. Nous sommes très heureux de notre achat et nous allons recommander les produits GoTrax à notre entourage. Merci encore à Lydia pour son excellent service à la clientèle.
Ann Letellier

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