XR Ultra Light Folding Electric Scooter 8.5" 25KPH | 24KM Range

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Join the XR Ultra electric scooter fan club! With an impressive range, exhilarating speed, and LG battery, riding around town becomes a breeze. Embrace the joy of the journey and redefine your commuting experience!

Color: Black


These 8.5" air filled pneumatic shock-absorbing tires will ensure a smoot commute on those bumpy city streets


A crisp, clear LED screen provides quick readouts on riding speed, battery life, headlight control and more.


Fold your electric scooter in half with our one-touch folding mechanism, super convenient for storage and transportation.

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Matt Bowie
Good value

It's a well built, reliable and comfy scooter. Nice and lightweight. Just keep in mind it's not gonna hit the 20km max speed unless it's going down hill. Great battery life, too.

We’re glad you found our product to be a good value❤

Description: Comfortable
An Electric Scooter That Sets the Bar High: A College Student's Dream Ride!

I recently purchased an electric scooter, and I must say, it has been an absolute game-changer for me as a college student. Not only is it an incredibly fun mode of transportation, but it's also easy to use, convenient to set up, and has become an integral part of my daily routine. Let me share with you why this electric scooter deserves a glowing five-star review!

First and foremost, the joy and thrill I experience while riding this scooter is unparalleled. It effortlessly glides through the streets, providing a smooth and comfortable ride. The acceleration is surprisingly powerful, ensuring that I can quickly reach my destination without any hassle. Whether I'm zipping through campus, exploring nearby neighborhoods, or simply enjoying a leisurely ride in the park, this scooter never fails to put a smile on my face.

One of the standout features of this electric scooter is its user-friendly design. Setting it up was an absolute breeze. It came practically pre-assembled, requiring only minimal effort to get it up and running. Within minutes, I was ready to hit the road, making it an ideal choice for busy college students who value efficiency.

The portability of this scooter is also worth mentioning. Its lightweight construction makes it effortless to carry around, whether I need to navigate stairs or transport it in the trunk of a car. This feature is particularly handy when I'm attending lectures or meetings and need to stow it away temporarily. It folds up neatly, taking up minimal space and allowing for easy storage in my dorm room or apartment. It's like having my own personal vehicle without the cumbersome size.

In terms of convenience, this electric scooter ticks all the boxes. With its long-lasting battery life, I never have to worry about running out of power during my commutes. It also charges relatively quickly, which is a huge time-saver when I'm on a tight schedule. The scooter's intuitive controls, such as the responsive braking system and the clear display panel, further enhance the overall user experience, instilling a sense of confidence and safety as I navigate through various terrains.

As a college student, budget is always a concern. However, this electric scooter is a wise investment. It not only saves me money on public transportation or ride-sharing services, but it also reduces my carbon footprint. It's an eco-friendly alternative that aligns perfectly with my values, and it has the added bonus of helping me stay active and fit while going about my daily routines.

In conclusion, this electric scooter has exceeded my expectations in every way imaginable. Its unmatched fun factor, user-friendly design, portability, convenience, affordability, and durability make it an absolute must-have for college students seeking a reliable, efficient, and enjoyable mode of transportation. I cannot recommend it highly enough!

Description: Comfortable, Value-for-money, Trendy
Lots of fun

The Gotrax electric scooter is so much fun. This is my first electric scooter, although I have ridden on others. This scooter looks great and is well made. It was easy to set up as it came preassembled other than the attaching the handlebar. It took about 15 minutes to set up and get it ready to ride.

This scooter is simple to operate and easy to ride. It's not super-fast but has decent speed and quick acceleration. It's highly maneuverable, the brake works well, and the display is easy to read. It has pneumatic tires so can go over lots of different surfaces. It has a light in front that you can turn on when needed in low light conditions, as well as a taillight for safety. Also has a kickstand for when you get off and park it. One of my favorite features is that you can fold it and lock it so you can pick it up and carry it easily or put it in a car or store in a little space.

Overall, this is just a fun scooter to ride, and I am very impressed and completely satisfied with it so far. The price seems reasonable for what it is and in comparison to other electric scooters on the market. I highly recommend it, especially if you can get it on sale as I have seen the price on this move quite a bit. For around 500CAD it's a great deal.

Description: Comfortable, Value-for-money, Trendy

A sido toda una experiencia increíble, me encanta , lo amo jajaj cambio mi vida total .

No tengo nada malo que decir hasta ahora le dura bastante la batería, tiene buen arranque , freno y luz por la noche .
Realmente disfruto mi ida y regreso a casa supermbien

Description: Comfortable, Value-for-money, Trendy

I'm 41 and highly enjoy riding this thing around the neighborhood. I feel like a old college student lol. My teenagers use it a lot more than I do. We have this along with a E-bike. This thing will almost keep up with the E-bike and will outrun it on the grass. It definitely does a better job on a softer surface than I was expecting. It does have a learning mode that will not let you unleash it's full potential right away. It's very simple to ride.

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